Why It’s Crucial to Service and Maintain Your Oil Furnace

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As a business owner or homeowner, you may rely on an oil furnace to keep your space warm during the colder months. While these heating systems are known for their efficiency and reliability, they do require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they continue to operate optimally. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons […]

Optimal Comfort and Expertise: Why Marshall Services Excels as Your Oil System Specialist

Heating Oil System Repairs

In an era where many HVAC companies are shifting away from oil systems, finding a dedicated specialist for your oil heating needs has become crucial. Marshall Services stands out as a reliable and experienced choice for maintaining and repairing oil furnaces and boilers. Here are compelling reasons why choosing a specialist like Marshall Services is […]

How to Care for Your Oil Tank This Summer

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Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and great opportunities to be productive outside. Although there’s so much to experience during this time of year, you still shouldn’t forget about maintaining your home’s heating system during this time. Your oil tank needs care during this part of the year — just like during the winter — […]

5 Advantages of Buying a Home with Heating Oil

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When old man winter arrives, there’s no better feeling than having a comfortable, heated home to spend time in. Heat is an absolute necessity during the colder months. Without it, your family’s safety could be put in jeopardy. So if you’re currently moving, you probably want to purchase a home with a heating system that […]

When Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

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As a homeowner, it’s natural to want your family to be as comfortable as possible. This is especially true during the coldest months of the year when you have to put the heat on full blast to keep Jack Frost at bay. If you’re already thinking about the winter months ahead, you might be wondering: […]

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Heating Oil Company

5 tips for choosing best oil company

Keeping your home’s heating system in good working condition requires different parts working together to provide your home the heat you need in the winter months. One aspect of the system that you may overlook until it’s too late is your heating oil.  Low or depleted heating oil can prove a likely culprit when your […]

Down the Drain: What You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

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Down the Drain: What You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet Toilets are a simple household appliance and should really only be used for their intended function. A large portion of costly toilet repairs and replacements come from improper usage, and especially from flushing down objects that belong in the garbage can.  At Marshall Services, […]

Which Type of Heating Oil Delivery is Right For My Home

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Which Type of Heating Oil Delivery is Right For My Home When it comes to getting ready for winter, finding the right heating oil delivery service is a regular part of life for residents living in the state of Pennsylvania. After all, heating your home with high-quality oil for your furnace or boiler will keep your household […]