Down the Drain: What You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Toilets are a simple household appliance and should really only be used for their intended function. A large portion of costly toilet repairs and replacements come from improper usage, and especially from flushing down objects that belong in the garbage can. 

At Marshall Services, we understand that having a clogged toilet can be more than just frustrating — it could also require clogged drain services for your Montgomery County, PA, home and even lead to more serious issues in the future. To keep your toilet working for years into the future, don’t forget this list of items you should never flush down the toilet.

Flushable Wipes

Regardless of what baby wipe manufacturers say, there is no brand of store-bought wipe that is guaranteed to be compatible with your plumbing. Even the most lightweight brands are still not designed to dissolve the way toilet paper does and can cause lasting damage to your plumbing.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are another product commonly thought to be flushable. However, unlike toilet paper, this product is made for durability, and even a square or two can be enough to clog your toilet.


While hair may not cause a serious clog in the short term, a gradual buildup over time will result in a clog that most plungers won’t be able to unstick. When cleaning out your hairbrush, it’s always best to just throw your stray strands in the trash.

Dental Floss

Like hair, dental floss can build up over time and cause a difficult clog. Unlike hair, floss is highly durable, and when wrapped around other objects that get stuck in your pipes, it can cause serious plumbing problems.

Menstrual Products

Many people think menstrual products are designed to be flushed down the toilet, but the fact is that their design makes them one of the single worst objects to flush. Since they absorb water, it’s easy for them to cause clogs.


While medications may not pose a clogging hazard for your plumbing, they can significantly contribute to water pollution and should be properly disposed of in the trash.

Cooking Grease

While it may be difficult to get rid of the grease after a session of deep fat frying, the toilet is not the place to do so. Excess grease can stick to the inner lining of your pipes, making it harder for other items to pass through.

Excess Toilet Paper

Even though toilet paper is specifically designed to disintegrate in water, too much can result in a hard wad that gets stuck in your pipes. Additionally, using a more modest amount of toilet paper is less wasteful.

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