Keeping your home’s heating system in good working condition requires different parts working together to provide your home the heat you need in the winter months. One aspect of the system that you may overlook until it’s too late is your heating oil. 

Low or depleted heating oil can prove a likely culprit when your heating system begins to malfunction or is not as efficient as it was before. When your home’s heating system needs new heating oil to do its job properly, how do you pick the right heating oil company for your needs?

At Marshall Services, we have a long history of installing, repairing, and maintaining heating systems for over 75 years. Our team has picked up specific tips and tricks to help you pick the best heating oil company before you suffer too much from the cold. 

Tip #1 — Locations, Locations, Locations

As you start looking for a full-service heating oil company to come out and look at your unit, you want to find one that operates in your area. Local companies have a direct link to the area, featuring technicians familiar with the neighborhoods and what kind of potential problems may arise. Additionally, they can respond to calls more quickly than other companies with a wider service range.

Tip #2 — Their Service Offerings

When choosing the right fit among the various full-service companies on the market, finding one that fits your distinct needs can make a significant difference. Different companies offer different heating oil services, and knowing how each company can potentially fit your specific needs goes a long way towards narrowing your list. 

Tip #3 — What About Their Delivery Options?

For homeowners in Norristown, PA, heating oil remains an essential part of their heating needs. It is critical to have the peace of mind that they receive automatic delivery of their home heating oil when they need it and don’t have to jump through hoops to get it. The wrong discount oil company may force you to pick up the oil on their terms without flexibility. 

Finding a heating oil company that offers you a wealth of delivery options can help take away some of the anxiety and get you back to focusing on the things that matter. 

Tip #4 — The Types of Pricing and Payment Plans Offered

A properly maintained heating system quickly becomes a yearly household expense that you need to keep track of. Different companies offer different pricing tiers based on their services, placement in the marketplace, and customers’ different needs when they come to them. Different payment plans offer customers the ability to work the essential heating oil and maintenance into their yearly budget without breaking the bank. 

Find a company that is honest about the upfront fees, delivery fees, and rates before making a decision. They get bonus points if they offer a price protection program for their customers. 

Tip #5 — Excellent Customer Service

For homeowners looking to address their ongoing heating needs, you want to choose a company with an established reputation for providing excellent customer service. Having a team that responds to your questions and concerns quickly will help ease your mind and ensure you know what is happening every step of the way. 

Marshall Services Checks All of the Boxes

When selecting the best heating oil company for your ongoing needs, Marshall Services can provide you with the services, unbeatable pricing, and customer service you need! With over 75 years of experience in the industry, our team is ready to help homeowners have the uninterrupted heating service they need this winter. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!